Dimalanta Triumphs Over M. Damon, 25-22, After Controversial Match

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Date League Season
June 24, 2020 Star Wars Division 2020

Andrew “The Hunter” Dimalanta persevered through a controversial ruling early in Round Two to get the 25-22 win over “Magic” Mollie Damon and advance to the Star Wars Tournament Finals.

The call in question had to do with Dimalanta’s pronunciation of the word “Tydirium,” the name of the shuttle stolen by the rebels in Return of the Jedi. Dimalanta said “Tydirium,” but what misheard by the judges and prompted to spell the answer. He then spelled the word ending with the letter “n,” resulting in an incorrect answer and a two-point steal by Damon. The controversy surrounds whether Dimalanta, who is on record having spelling difficulties, should have been asked to spell the answer, as opposed to just repeating it or giving the last letter. The Hunter was able to get the victory in light of this.

Dimalanta barely edged out Damon in Round One, going perfect including the bonus, to lead 11-10 heading into the second round. He spun first, landing on Return of the Jedi, going 4/5 for 8 PTS, and giving up the two-point steal to Damon. Damon followed this up by spinning The Phantom Menace, going 4/5 for 8 PTS, and relinquishing a one-point steal to Dimalanta tieing the score 20-20 heading into Round Three. In the final round, Dimalanta hit his 2- and 3-pointer, while Damon was only able to hit her 2-pointer, resulting in the 25-22 Dimalanta victory.

The Hunter moves on to play the winner of “Light’s Out” Laura Kelly and Andres “Ace” Cabrera in the Star Wars Tournament Final.


TeamScoreFaction Points EarnedOutcome
Andrew Dimalanta253Win
Mollie Damon22Loss

Box Score

Player Points Scored Points Allowed Total Possible Points Possible Points Earned % Questions Correct Total Questions Accuracy Rate Steal Steal Attempt Steal Rate
Andrew Dimalanta2522270.92618190.947111.000
Mollie Damon2225330.66716200.800111.000

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