The Cinderella Story Continues: Cabrera Perfect in 31-29 Semifinal Win over Kelly

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Date League Season
July 1, 2020 Star Wars Division 2020

Andres “Ace” Cabrera shocked the world with a perfect match in the 31-29 win over “Lights Out” Laura Kelly in the Star Wars Tournament Semifinal.

Kelly missed just one question in the entire match, falling behind Cabrera 11-9, at the end of Round One, after he hit all ten questions including the bonus. Both competitors were perfect from there on out. Cabrera spun first in Round Two picking up 10 PTS in Rogue One, and Kelly followed suit, picking up 10 PTS of her own in Mixed Bag. This put the score at 21-19 heading into the final round, where Kelly was able to hit her 2-,3-, and 5-point questions. Unfortunately for her, so was Ace as he picked up the 31-29 win.

This win makes Cabrera the first Star Wars competitor to go 3-0 in the division. It is also the second perfect game of the tournament so far after Andrew Dimalanta beat Joseph Scrimshaw 32-31 in the First Round.

Ace moves on to play in the five-round Star Wars Tournament Championship against Andrew “The Hunter” Dimalanta for the chance to continue his Cinderella story and play Alex “The Demon” Damon at Schmoedown Spectacular in December.


TeamScoreFaction Points EarnedOutcome
Andres Cabrera313Win
Laura Kelly29Loss

Box Score

Player Points Scored Points Allowed Total Possible Points Possible Points Earned % Questions Correct Total Questions Accuracy Rate Steal Steal Attempt Steal Rate
Andres Cabrera3129311.00029291.000000
Laura Kelly2931300.96717180.944000

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