BREAKING: Full Singles Tournament Rosters Announced

Kristian Harloff just released the full list of competitors for this year’s Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Facebook group. They are as follows:

  • The Dungeon: Vinnie Mancuso (SINGLES DEBUT), Videodrew (0-1), Eric Zipper (1-1), Andres Gallego (SINGLES DEBUT)
  • The Usual Suspects: Sabina Graves (SINGLES DEBUT), Matt Atchity (0-1), Robert Montano (SINGLES DEBUT), and Ethan Erwin (9-4) (Should Erwin win the belt, then Jen Kempe (SINGLES DEBUT) will take his spot in the tournament.)
  • Roxstars: Marc Andreyko (6-6), Jeff Sneider (9-7), David Del Rio (1-2), and Jim Vejvoda (SINGLES DEBUT)
  • The Finstock Exchange: The Barbarian (1-0), Mark Reilly (11-7), Dan Murrell (14-5), and John Rocha (15-9) (Should either Rocha or Murrell be champion, then Sabrina Ramirez (SINGLES DEBUT) will enter the tournament)
  • The Quirky Mercs: William Bibbiani (10-8), Brendan Meyer (3-3), Perri Nemiroff (0-1), and Tim Franco (1-0)
  • S.W.A.G.: Paul Oyama (6-2), Lon Harris (4-4), Liz Shannon Miller (3-2), and Frank Moran (SINGLES DEBUT)
  • Korruption: Chance Ellison (2-3), Marisol McKee (SINGLES DEBUT), and Adam Collins (SINGLES DEBUT) (Mike Kalinowski (7-6) may enter the tournament depending on if his match with Andrew Ghai takes place)
  • The Burning Droogs: Bonnie Somerville (0-3), Alonso Duralde (SINGLES DEBUT), Witney Seibold (0-2), and Jader Paramo (1-0)
  • The Den: Paul Preston (3-2), James White (SINGLES DEBUT), Rachel Silvestrini (0-2), and Tom (SINGLES DEBUT)

Many of these competitors were confirmed prior to this announcement, but there were still plenty of surprises. One such surpise is Kate Mulligan’s decision to leave potential Rookie of the Year candidate, Ben “The Bandit” Goddard out of the tournament.

No bracket is avaliable at this time.

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