BREAKING: First Singles Tournament Matches Confirmed

In addition to today’s news involving Andrew Ghai and Mike Kalinowski, Kristian Harloff confirmed on Schmoedown Backstage the first of the first-round matches and all four play-in matches for this year’s Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament. They are as follows:

The Play-In Matches

  • S.W.A.G.’s Frank Moran (DEBUT) vs. The Den’s James White (DEBUT)
  • Korruption’s Marisol McKee (DEBUT) vs. The Burning Droogs’ Bonnie Somerville (0-3)
  • The Dungeon’s Andres Gallego (DEBUT) vs. Korruption’s Adam Collins (DEBUT)
  • EITHER The Finstock Exchange’s Sabrina Ramirez (DEBUT) or The Usual Suspects’ Jen Kempe (DEBUT)* vs. The Dungeon’s Vinnie Mancuso (DEBUT)

*Depending on who is champion among Ethan Erwin/John Rocha/Dan Murrell. The two losers will be in the tournament.

First Round Matches

  • The Usual Suspects’ Matt Atchity (0-1) vs. The Roxstars’ Marc Andreyko (6-6)
  • S.W.A.G.’s Lon Harris (4-4) vs. The Usual Suspects’ Sabina Graves (DEBUT)
  • The Quirky Mercs’ Brendan Meyer (3-3) vs. The Burning Droogs’ Alonso Duralde (DEBUT)
  • The Quirky Mercs’ William Bibbiani (10-8) vs. the winner of Moran/White
  • S.W.A.G.’s Paul Oyama (6-2) vs. the winner of McKee/Somerville
  • The Quirky Mercs’ Tim Franco (1-0) vs. The Den’s Tom (DEBUT)
  • The Burning Droogs’ Jader Paramo (1-0) vs. The Roxstars’ Jim Vejvoda (DEBUT)
  • The Finstock Exchange’s Mark Reilly (11-7) vs. The Dungeon’s Videodrew (0-1)
  • The Den’s Rachel Silvestrini (0-2) vs. S.W.A.G.’s Liz Shannon Miller (3-2)

The full tournament bracket has not yet been released

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