Collins Does the Unthinkable, TKOs Rocha 17-15

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Date League Season
September 10, 2020 Singles Division 2020

John “The Outlaw” Rocha is playing some of the best Schmoedown of his long career. The problem is he just can’t seem to get the win. First, it was a Sudden Death loss to Ethan “Bigtime” Erwin. Then, he lost the Teams title to Korruption on their 5-point question. Now, he falls to Adam “The Coyote” Collins in the first round of the Ultimate Schmoedown Tournament.

Collins (2-0) shocked the world when he pitched a perfect game to get the 17-10 technical knockout victory over the legendary John Rocha (15-11).

“The Outlaw is one of the original generation,” Collins said coming into the match. “You know, he built this game from the ground up, but I’ve also been watching him since he built the game from the ground up. I’ve seen all of his matches, many of them more than once, and I respect The Outlaw as much as anybody does. But, I was brought into Korruption with a specific purpose, and it’s to test out the rest of this league and I am here to put John Rocha to the test.”

It would turn out that Rocha wasn’t up to snuff in this one. The Coyote jumped out to an early 9-6 lead at the end of the first after knocking down all eight questions and the Bonus. His manager, Shannon Barney, then advised him to capitalize on this momentum in Round Two, which he did, resulting in a clean sweep of the category of Anne Hathaway to put the pressure on The Outlaw. Rocha caught a lucky break when he spun Westerns in the bottom of the round but was unable to keep pace with The Coyote after being forced to check to multiple choice on his final question to expand the deficit to four points heading into the final round.

Rocha had some work to do in Round Three with the lead set at 17-13, and he started strong by hitting his 2-pointer to shorten the gap to two points. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to come up with his 3-pointer or his 5-pointer, resulting in a technical knockout for Collins and a MASSIVE 4 PTS for Korruption.

Collins was in complete shock with the results of the match.

“I can feel my legs, I swear,” Collins affirmed after the contest. “Look, I was holding my breath in Round Three because that’s where Rocha really shines a lot of the time, and all bets are off until those final three questions. Building a little bit of lead is nice, but it doesn’t relax me when I’m playing someone like John Rocha. So, I’m thrilled with the result, but I’m also humbled by the opportunity to play in the first place, and I know if we played ten matches it would probably be a fifty-fifty toss-up between us.”

The Coyote pitched a perfect game in this match, leaving no point on the table. Once thought to be impossible, Collins has become the third player to play perfectly in Singles after Ben “The Boss” Bateman did it a few weeks ago, and “Primetime” Paul Oyama did it against Collins’ teammate, “Lady Justice” Marisol McKee, earlier this week.


Following the win, Collins advances to take on “The Delinquent” Lon Harris in a second-round matchup that sees the league’s top dogs, Korruption and S.W.A.G. facing off again.

“I’ve been watching Lon for a long time too,” Collins said of his upcoming opponent. “Both when he was at the top when he was tenured, and now he’s living on the streets. But look, I know a little something about living on the road myself, and I think Lon and I have crossed paths at a campsite or two in the past. But, I’ll tell you this, I’m going into that match the way I go into any match: preparing for a championship level opponent. And even if he downplays his skill, I will not.”


TeamScoreTKOFaction Points EarnedOutcome
Adam Collins1714Win
John Rocha15Loss

Box Score

Player Points Scored Points Allowed Total Possible Points Possible Points Earned % Questions Correct Total Questions Accuracy Rate Steal Steal Attempt Steal Rate
Adam Collins1715171.00013131.000000
John Rocha1517260.57711150.733000

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