Jeannine and the Suspects Earn Much-Needed Victory with 17-11 TKO over Warfather

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Date League Season
September 11, 2020 Singles Division 2020

Jeannine the Machine and the Usual Suspects desperately needed a win. Heading into this match The Machine was on a four-game slide in the Singles Division with a record of 3-6. Meanwhile, the Usual Suspects were sitting in second to last place with a 5-10 record and a mere 13 points. A loss to the Warfather may have meant an end to Jeannine’s Singles career. Yet, when the best competitors are backed into a corner, they usually find a way to fight their way out of it.

Jeannine (4-6) did just that and more, demolishing Warfather (1-1) in a 17-11 TKO win that finally brings an end to the Singles drought.

“Yeah, okay, I get it. She knows she hasn’t had the greatest season in Singles,” manager Samm Levine said during his pre-match promo. “But that kind of thing defeats other players. Jeannine takes it as a personal challenge.”

With the challenge on the table, The Machine stepped up and delivered. Jeannine led the entire match after jumping out to a 6-5 advantage at the end of the first round. With the lead, she elected to defer to her opponent who landed on Opponent’s Choice and went a measly 2/4 for 4 PTS in the category of Spike Lee. Then, to make matters worse, the Warfather also gave up 3 points off 2 steals, giving The Machine the momentum heading into the bottom of the second round. Jeannine carried this momentum into a perfect second round in the category of Audrey Hepburn to extend the lead to 17-9.

Down eight points, the Warfather needed to hit at least his 3- and 5-pointers to avoid the technical knockout and began down the right path by hitting his inconsequential 2-point question. Unfortunately, he was unable to come up with his 3-point question, resulting in the 17-11 victory for The Machine and a much-needed 3 PTS for the Suspects.

Jeannine was elated following the match.

“I’m feeling so good,” she said. “It’s been forever since I’ve had a win it feels like. I was not taking Warfather lightly, it was great to play him. He’s so fun and awesome, but this is really good.”

“I feel so proud of this girl right now,” Levine added. “She is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She works so hard, she really genuinely does. She cares so much, she works so hard, and it makes me so happy to see that hard work pay-off. To see her amazing movie trivia mind have a game that I know it was waiting for, that she deserves, that everyone gets to see The Machine that I know, that I drafted, back in top form.”


TeamScoreTKOFaction Points EarnedOutcome
Jeannine the Machine1713Win

Box Score

Player Points Scored Points Allowed Total Possible Points Possible Points Earned % Questions Correct Total Questions Accuracy Rate Steal Steal Attempt Steal Rate
Jeannine the Machine1711190.89512140.857221.000

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