Free Agency Updates: Korruption Could Land McKee, Bateman/Erwin Team Discussed

I’m back on the grind following an appearance on Schmoedown Backstage with another round of free agency updates. Here’s what I’m hearing from around the league.

Korruption with Potential to Secure Half of McKee/Kelly Tandem

Manager Shannon Barney has made it no secret that she wants to get the band back together and reassemble her championship roster next season. Much of that desire hinges on her ability to secure both of “Lady Justice” Marisol McKee and “Lights Out” Laura Kelly, something that may have come closer to reality over the course of the Free Agency period. I have a source claiming that a number of factions are interested in either drafting or signing McKee with the intention of dealing her back to Korruption for assets in the draft. This tracks with previous reports that claimed that several factions were interested in securing the eighth and ninth picks in the 2021 Draft from Korruption, and one would have to assume that any deal involving those picks would have to bring Barney closer to McKee.

Kelly, on the other hand, may be out of reach for Barney and Korruption. My source also claimed that many factions are intending to draft Kelly early without any plans to move her back to her former team. Lights Out is a valuable asset as the number three ranked contender in the Star Wars Division, especially given the fact that Kelly is in line for a title shot with a #1 Contender Match in early February against “Magic” Mollie Damon. One of the managers interested in Kelly could likely be John Kaiser of the Dungeon given reports by Frank Janisch of the Schmoedown Rundown that stated Kaiser would be interested in drafting a top-tier Star Wars player to close out his top four roster slots.

Bateman and Erwin Have Discussed Possible Partnership

I am also hearing that Ben “The Boss” Bateman and Ethan “Big Time” Erwin have had serious discussions about teaming up next season. My source was not specific on where the pair would end up next year, but one would have to assume that the Usual Suspects would be high on the list of potential destinations given the established connection between Erwin and manager Samm Levine. Nevertheless, there are reports from Frank Janisch that say Levine is targeting Liz Shannon Miller as a partner for Erwin, which could suggest that an Erwin/Bateman team is headed elsewhere or out of the question entirely.

When asked for comment, Bateman said that he and Erwin have discussed the possibility of a team-up “at length.” The former Singles Champion also relayed that “Multiple destinations have been discussed including the Suspects,” but gave no indication of where the two were most likely to be headed.

Smith Likely to Round Out Quirky Merc Roster

Additionally, I have a source that has revealed to me that Coy Jandreau and the Quirky Mercs are most likely to resign Kevin “Good Enough” Smith as the third member of their roster. The source specifically mentioned Smith as filling the third roster spot on the Mercs, which would also lead one to believe that the two members of Shazam, William “The Beast” Bibbiani and Brendan “The Kid” Meyer, will also resign with Jandreau in Free Agency. There had been some previous speculation on who would fill that final free agent spot for the Mercs, with many believing that it was going to be either Smith or “Amazing” Mara Knopic. With Jandreau leaning closer to Smith, it would appear to confirm a report from Frank Janisch stating that Knopic was “entertaining other options outside the Quirky Mercs,” but there has been no official word on where the former Innergeekdom Champion will end up.

Other Factions Have Attempted to Poach Dhandapani

It would appear that managers are unwilling to leave any stone unturned in regards to this Free Agency period. I am hearing that several factions have contacted the current Innergeekdom Champion, Chandru “The Chosen” Dhandapani, and extended an offer for next season. However, after the events that unfolded yesterday on Twitter, it would appear unlikely that Dhandapani will move on from manager Winston Marshall and S.W.A.G. next season. Nevertheless, it is impossible to say with certainty what any manager or player will do next year.

Managers looking ahead to the Draft

Finally, I am hearing that several managers are now beginning to think about what players they are going to draft next season. Brad Gilmore of the Schmoedown Rundown previously reported that some Dragon Con players will be entering the Schmoedown as rookies next season, and I am now hearing that managers are starting to pay attention to them as potential contenders in the Star Wars Division. Additionally, I am also hearing that there a number of players that will be entering the league after sending in auditions, and that managers are considering drafting them after hearing high praise from The Chairman, Kristian Harloff. Even still, the 2021 Draft is a ways off and a ton of things could change between now and then.

That rounds out what I am currently hearing from around the league. As more information is revealed, I will keep you posted.

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David Sackrider

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