Free Agency Updates: Bateman Open to Exchange Return, New Rookie Makes Waves

Happy Holidays! Apparently, I don’t take any days off because I’m back with another round of Free Agency updates. Here’s what I’m hearing from around the league.

An Exchange Return Becoming More Likely for Bateman

Ben “The Boss” Bateman has made it very clear publically that he has no interest in returning to Tom Dagnino and the Finstock Exchange. After a tough season, the former Singles Champion has called his former manager a buffoon, and the worst manager in the league. Even still, I am now hearing that while publically bashing Dagnino, Bateman is quietly considering a return to the Finstock Exchange next season. It will be interesting to see what comes of this development given the fact that Dagnino has made it clear he would like to keep John “The Outlaw” Rocha, The Barbarian, and Andrew “The Hunter” Dimalanta next season. It is possible that Bateman could bring over his own partner and drop two of those names, or that The Boss could try to team up with either The Outlaw or The Barbarian next season. Yet, even still nothing may come of this news if Bateman decides to truly go a different direction at the Free Agency Special. Only time will tell what The Boss truly has in mind.

Upon approach, Bateman elected not to comment at this time.

Hearing the Name Rick Raddus Come Up Frequently

I’m also hearing discussions about the name Rick Raddus, a rookie newcomer who will be entering the 2021 Draft. Supposedly, The Chairman, Kristian Harloff, is very high on the rookie after mentioning in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Facebook Group that the rookie is like “Macuga, Sneider and Dagnino forged together”. Nevertheless, all I am hearing at the moment is a name. No word yet on which division Raddus intends to compete in or which managers are most likely to seek him out.

That’s everything I have at the moment. As more information is revealed to me, I will be sure to keep you up to date.

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David Sackrider

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