Free Agency Updates: First Information on Murrell’s Options, Conversations Heat Between Bateman and Exchange

A new week arises, and with it comes another round of Free Agency news. Here’s what I’m hearing from around the league.

Ben Bateman and Tom Dagnino Still Discussing Exchange Return

Ben “The Boss” Bateman does not want anyone to know his plans for the 2021 season. On Schmoedown Backstage today, he was adamant that he will not be returning to Tom Dagnino and the Finstock Exchange despite reports to the contrary. Nevertheless, I am hearing from a credible source that The Boss is really putting up a front, as conversations are heating up between Dagnino and Bateman. The source elaborated to me that the pair are now on the same page and are looking to close a deal that returns the former Singles Champion to the faction that lost him his belt.

When approached for comment, Bateman said, “[Dagnino] is a buffoon. A total maniac. That being said he’s won manager of the year more times than anyone, so some amount of consideration has to be paid to an offer. And one thing I’ll be clear about is that there is a truly epic offer on the table.” This is the most open publically that Bateman has been to a return to the Exchange since falling to Dan Murrell midway through the year, but there is no confirmation that The Boss is officially off the market as of yet.

Dan Murrell In Talks with Several Factions

As for the other blockbuster free agent on the market, I have now received the first clues as to where “Dangerous” Dan Murrell will end up next year. According to my source, Murrell has had conversations with S.W.A.G., the Usual Suspects, the Dungeon, and the Quirky Mercs after being kicked to the curb by Tom Dagnino and the Finstock Exchange at Schmoedown Spectacular V. One would have to assume that Murrell is looking to team up with another top talent next season, which could open up the possibility of a Paul Oyama/Dan Murrell team or an Ethan Erwin/Dan Murrell team. However, there is no word yet on which faction is the frontrunner to land the former champion.

Several Rookies Appear on Manager’s Radars Following Draft Announcement

After the announcements yesterday regarding several of the new rookies entering the 2021 Draft, I am hearing a lot of chatter about a few of the standouts. More specifically, the names I’m hearing generating a lot of buzz among managers in the league include “The Rager” Rick Raddus, Brother Lomis, and Beth May. Nevertheless, I have no official word on which managers are specifically interested in the rookies, or which division the three intend to compete in.

Additionally, I am hearing that John “The Outlaw” Rocha is making a heavy push to recruit “The Flick Pick” John Flickinger in the Draft. The Outlaw has been assumed to be retained by Tom Dagnino and the Finstock Exchange next season but has not officially signed on the dotted line just yet. However, that didn’t stop the former champion from tweeting this earlier today:

All four rookies mentioned are not avaliable in Free Agency, and are open to be drafted by any team during the 2021 Draft on January 29, 2021.

Kate Mulligan is not playing around

Finally, I am hearing that Kate Mulligan is very dedicated to turning The Den around next season. Last year, Mulligan got off to a strong start but fumbled once the tournaments got underway and never truly recovered, finishing in sixth place. My understanding is that Mulligan has taken nothing off the table and has even discussed a complete rebuild in order to finish on top next year. With this in mind, Mulligan remains a large question mark next season, and time will tell if she can put the pieces in place to right the ship in the offseason.

That concludes what I am hearing from around the league. As more information is relayed to me, I will keep you posted.

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David Sackrider

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