Free Agency Updates: Exchange Looks to Lure Sneider

After just a few days into 2021, I have gathered my first bit of Free Agency news of the year, and it’s a doozy. Here’s what I am hearing from around the league.

According to one of my sources, Tom Dagnino and the Finstock Exchange are working tirelessly to convince Jeff “The Insneider” Sneider to vacate the Teams Championship and join the Exchange. His intention is for Sneider to team with John “The Outlaw” Rocha next year to reclaim the belts and make Rocha a three-time champion and Sneider a four-time champion. Obviously asking Sneider to vacate the belt huge ask, but what might be a bigger one is asking him to leave manager Roxy Striar behind. Striar was massively influential in Sneider’s success last season and has the unique ability to pull the current Teams Champion off the ledge and steer him to the finish line. Certainly, Sneider and Dagnino have a connection dating back to their time on the Lion’s Den, but the question is if that connection is strong enough to replace what The Insneider is losing by walking away from a good thing.

The other massive question raised by this report is what this means for the other free agents looking to end up on the Exchange, namely Ben “The Boss” Bateman and The Barbarian. If sources from the Let’s Get Ready Network are to be believed, then Dagnino could hypothetically land all four of them by securing the number one overall pick from John Kaiser and The Dungeon. This would leave the Exchange with two potential superteams in Rocha/Sneider and Bateman/Barbarian, which does seem reminiscent of one of the significant issues that Dagnino had last season: juggling top-tier talent. We all know the spotlight was hyperfocused on the Exchange last year right up until it imploded. Are these four competitors willing to tempt fate in order to try to secure the championship?

Nevertheless, at this moment you can likely chalk this report up to super unlikely. When asked for comment, Dagnino said “[Landing Sneider] would’ve been nice but you don’t throw belts in the garbage unless you[‘re] Samm Levine. Jeff knows that.” That statement seems to imply that the talks have come and gone with Sneider staying put for now, but my source remains confident that Sneider is high on the list of wants for both Dagnino and Rocha. There are still three weeks until the Free Agency Special, so anything could happen, but it probably is not going to be this.

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