Free Agency Updates: Mulligan Centers Rebuild on Goddard and Preston, Erwin Closing in on Unknown Teammate

Another day, another round of free agency updates. Here’s what I’m hearing from around the league.

Kate Mulligan’s Attempts to Reboot Den Begin with Ben Goddard and Paul Preston

Every manager in the league wants to land “Dangerous” Dan Murrell, and Kate Mulligan is no exception. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that The Den has made a push to sign the G.O.A.T. in the offseason. However, what is more interesting is that I am hearing that Mulligan’s pitch to Murrell centers on a team-up with either Ben “The Bandit” Goddard or Paul “The Powder Keg” Preston. This would suggest that Goddard and Preston will be staying put next season, especially given earlier reports that Mulligan’s deal with Ben “The Boss” Bateman included a pitch to pair him with Preston as well. Yet, that inference also contradicts earlier reports that suggested The Den was nuking the roster and starting from square one next season. It is possible that those reports were off the mark, but one could also gather that a true rebuild was attempted but deemed impossible due to the loyalty of most competitors to their previous faction.

Nevertheless. both Goddard and Preston did appear open to a return to their former faction on Schmoedown Backstage, so it seems highly likely that they will be rejoining Mulligan for another year. Furthermore, I have a source that relayed to me that Mulligan is also considering teaming The Bandit and The Powder Keg after witnessing their chemistry on Backstage. My understanding, however, is that a Goddard/Preston team is a last resort for The Den, and is contingent on Murrell and Bateman signing elsewhere before the start of next season.

Ethan Erwin Nears Deal with Heavy-Hitting Teammate

Additionally, I am also hearing that Ethan “Big Time” Erwin may be very close to securing a “heavy-hitting” teammate soon. My source was not heavy on the details, but it seems highly likely that whoever Erwin’s teammate is, will be joining Big Time on the Usual Suspects next season. As far as I am aware, Erwin has left his options open, but fully intends to stay with manager Samm Levine for another season. The words “heavy-hitting” automatically call to mind the top free agents, Dan Murrell and Ben Bateman, but could also suggest “Primetime” Paul Oyama or perhaps more likely, “Lightning” Liz Shannon Miller who was previously reported to be courted by Samm Levine to pair with Erwin. Even still, the Erwin camp has been very tight-lipped when it comes to information about next season, so I wouldn’t expect to hear an official announcement until the Free Agency Special on January 22.

That concludes what I am hearing from around the league. As more information is revealed to me, I will keep you posted.

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