BREAKING: Manager Conference Call Unveils Plans for Rule Book, Cleans Up Droogs Draft Debacle

The 2021 season is nearly upon us. Earlier today, Kristian Harloff, Mark Ellis, and the eight managers met on a conference call to discuss the upcoming season, offering The Chairman the opportunity to layout the offseason changes for the betterment of the league.

The first change on the table concerned resolving the issues with the 2021 Draft that sprung from the dissolution of the Burning Droogs. Midway through the 2020 season, Samm Levine and the Usual Suspects gave up a first-round pick to the Droogs in order to secure Ethan “Big Time” Erwin. Meanwhile, Roxy Striar received a third-round pick in exchange for “Little Evil” JTE. Now, as first reported by Brad Gilmore of the Schmoedown Rundown, a comprise has been reached that allows Levine to retain his second overall pick and offers Striar the third and ninth picks in the third round of the upcoming draft.

After following up on my own, I am told that Samm Levine is retaining his first-round pick because no other team in the league is able to use that pick in the Draft. Conversely, because Roxy Striar remains in the league to benefit from the future considerations delt last season, her deal is honored. I am also told this compromise was intended to reassure managers that trading for considerations in the 2022 Draft is a valid option should they choose to do so.

Additionally, I have learned of some of the other issues discussed during the call. First and foremost, the Stars (formerly Roxstars, Starz) will be the official name of the faction managed by Roxy Striar next season. My understanding is that there was a legal issue with the -z at the end of the original name change which prompted the most recent change.

As far as rules are concerned, it was relayed to me that Harloff and Ellis outlined the new points system and rule book during this call as well. I do not know much about the alterations as far as points are concerned, but I would expect it to include a higher point opportunity for championship matches to fix one of the major issues from last season. At the very least, I am told that the new system in its entirety will be unveiled to the public soon. In addition, it was mentioned during the conference call that contrary to initial statements by The Chairman, the rule book will be released to the public, with patrons of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown receiving initial access.

Finally, I have heard that the newly released draft list was also discussed at length during the call. It is my understanding that much of the focus was paid to the rookies entering the draft, with Harloff keying in on the players he was most impressed with. Managers were given both contact information for the players on the list and access to the video auditions where applicable to best aid their 2021 Draft strategy.

As more information is revealed, we will continue to keep you posted.

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