New Points System Outlined

Yesterday, The Chairman, Kristian Harloff, appeared on Schmoedown Backstage to discuss a number of changes to the league. The most notable of those changes is a major revision to the way that factions earn points during the season. The new points system is as follows.

Singles and Teams Division Win2
Innergeekdom and Star Wars Division Win3
Technical Knockout-1 from losing faction*
Knockout+1 for winning faction, -1 from losing faction*
#1 Contender Match4
Title Match7
Title Defense1
Tournament Match3
Tournament Finals4
Triple Threat Match5
Triple Threat Title Match10
Fatal Fourway Title Match12
Fatal Fiveway Title Match15
Free for All Win3
Free for All MVP1
Spectacular Title Match10
Spectacular Non-Title MatchTBD
* There is no bonus point or point deduction for in-faction competition

To put this new system into perspective, we can apply it to players’ statistics from last season. Take “Dangerous” Dan Murrell for instance. Last season, Murrell played eight matches across Singles and Teams, acquiring 14 PTS for the Finstock Exchange. (For the purposes of this exercise, all of the points garnered by a team that a player was a member of is attributed to that player.) The former champion also competed in five title matches, one triple threat match, and garnered two title defenses during the season. Therefore, when you apply the new points system to Murrell’s 2020 record, his point total makes the massive leap from 14 to 34.

Obviously, this goes to demonstrate the increased role that champions will have during the 2021 season. Last season, they appeared detrimental to a team’s roster because of limited matches during the season. Under the system used during 2020, mid-card players had a higher value because they had a higher point potential with the points for a title match win being nearly the same as that of a regular match win. Yet, in 2021 it becomes important to not only have champions on the roster but also to push players to play for championships due to the opportunity for increased points during the season.

All in all, the new point system appears to be an important move in the right direction for the league. It solves a number of the issues with the previous season and breeds a greater feeling of competition among the factions in play. Nevertheless, time will tell how it great it truly is once the system goes into effect at the start of play next month.

As more information is revealed, we will keep you posted.

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