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Free Agency: Stars Drop KenJac and Lowe, Add Jericho

The Chairman, Kristian Harloff, announced on Twitter today that Roxy Striar and The Stars would be ending their final free agency period by signing Chris Jericho to the roster. Jericho was drafted by The Dungeon to start Season 8 but refused to compete for anyone other than Striar, leading to manager John Kaiser’s decision to drop him on June 10. In his career, The Stars’ newly acquired talent is 0-2 and averages just 17.0 PPG with a 64.9% AR% and a 56.7% PPE%.

In addition to signing Jericho, Striar also chose to drop both KenJac and Jeff Lowe, who she had drafted earlier this season. Neither competitor had yet to compete this year.

The roster moves also leave The Stars with at least one extra spot open on their roster to close out the year. That could be a conscious choice by manager Roxy Striar as the faction begins to pivot towards tournament season, or could be indicative of a potential trade on the horizon. As more information is made available, we will keep you posted.