Barbarian vs Witney Seibold

20 - 18
Full Time


Date League Season
September 2, 2020 Singles Division 2020


The Barbarian wants to be the Rookie of the Year. He entered the season with a dominant Singles performance where he did not miss a question and then threw his hat into the Innergeekdom Tournament where he fell in the Semifinals to the tournament winner, Chance “The Cobra” Ellison. Now, he returns to Singles and a strong tournament run could cement his resume as the best in his class. A run that begins with Witney “The Beauty” Seibold.

While not quite as perfect as his last foray into Singles, The Barbarian (2-0) continues to look like a force as he takes a confident 20-18 victory over Seibold (0-3) to keep his tournament dreams alive.

“You know they say the night is darkest just before the dawn,” Barbarian said heading into the contest. “Losing that match to Chance Ellison was the darkest moment of my Schmoedown career. I have become even thirstier and hungrier for the blood of my competitors. I’m looking all the way down the line, I’m not overlooking anyone. I’m gonna sink my teeth into anyone who comes my way. I’m gonna throw their bones to Elvis.”

The Barbarian carried that fire from his pre-interview into the first round, but Seibold wasn’t about to make it easy for him. The pair were mirrors of each other through the end of Round One, hitting and missing the same questions to sport a 7-7 tie heading into the wheel round. The Barbarian elected to go first in Round Two, spinning the category of the Oscars and picking up a near-perfect 7 PTS off of a 4/4 performance. This put the pressure on The Beauty who spun Spy Movies but was only able to secure 4 PTS in the round after going 2/4 in the round. Seibold also gave up a 1-point steal to his opponent, resulting in a 15-11 lead for The Barbarian with one round remaining.

Down four, Seibold had some ground to make up in order to avoid the technical knockout in Round Three. He hit his 2-pointer early but was unable to pull his 3-point question, forcing him to knock down the 5-pointer to win the game. Luckily, he was asked a question that was right in his wheelhouse as he calmly nailed the 5-point question to make his opponent beat him. Unfortunately, The Barbarian had no problems with either his 2- or his 3-pointer resulting in the 20-18 victory for him and the Finstock Exchange.

“Barbarian played a fantastic game,” manager Bobby Gucci said following the match. “Witney was there to play as well, some unfortunate missteps by him. Good game. Ken [Napzok] coached him well. I thought he played really really well, but the story is here, as it always is, The Barbarian. Look at him here. He’s coming off about 6-8 weeks of training of IG to jump right back into regular movie trivia and put up a performance like this. I don’t think a lot of people can do it. He knows that it’s gonna be a really tough road to the championship here, but I think he’s ready. And we need to play better, and he knows that.”

The Barbarian picks up 3 PTS for the Exchange following the win.


The Barbarian advances to take on the winner of James “The Wizard” White and William “The Beast” Bibbiani. If given his choice, he would rather play the former champion.

“As the great Ric Flair says, ‘If you want to be the man, you’ve got to beat the man,’ and William ‘The Beast’ Bibbiani is one of the greatest players ever to play this game,” Barbarian said when asked about the next round of the tournament. “So, Elvis and I would love to have our legacy enshrined upon defeating not just one, but both halves of Critically Acclaimed on the way to our first tournament championship.”


TeamScoreFaction Points EarnedOutcome
Witney Seibold18Loss

Box Score

Player Points Scored Points Allowed Total Possible Points Possible Points Earned % Questions Correct Total Questions Accuracy Rate Steal Steal Attempt Steal Rate
Witney Seibold1820260.69211150.733000
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Total Possible Points
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Questions Correct
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