Liz Shannon Miller vs Rachel Silvestrini

17 - 11
Full Time


Date League Season
August 31, 2020 Singles Division 2020


When “Lightning” Liz Shannon Miller came into her rookie season in 2019 she drew comparisons to Ethan “Bigtime” Erwin. But, she kept running into players at the height of their game. First, it was a #1 Contender Match against “Primetime” Paul Oyama, and shortly after it was a first-round tournament matchup against Ben “The Boss” Bateman. Both would count a win over Miller as apart of their respective title runs. Now, as a sophomore, she reenters the Singles Division with the hope to prove that she belongs in the conversation with the best of the best.

Miller (4-2) begins her tournament run with a dominant 17-11 TKO victory over Rachel “The Switchblade” Silvestrini (0-3).

“I’m so so so proud of Liz,” manager Winston Marshall said following the match. “I remain proud of the entire faction, … Liz was the first one we were like ‘Let’s get some practices in.’ She was like ‘Great, I’d love to. Tell me when and where.’ Like, Liz has been so positive and so, like, prepared and such an incredible force to have on the squad. It’s super dope to see her, again on a ladies’ night, to come out here and just be like ‘What’s good?'”

“Lightning” Liz missed just one question late in Round One to jump out to an early 7-6 lead over The Switchblade. With the lead, she elected to defer to her opponent, who spun the category of 2010s to kick off Round Two. Nevertheless, Silvestrini would struggle in the decade category, only able to pick up a measly 3 PTS off a 2/4 performance. Then, to make matters worse, she dumped off 2 steals for 3 total PTS and the momentum to Miller who carried it into her chosen category of SNL Movies after landing on Spinner’s Choice. Miller would go 4/4 for a near-perfect 7 PTS in the category to jump out to a 17-9 lead at the end of the second round.

Down eight points, Silvestrini’s 2-pointer was pretty much irrelevant, as she would have to at least hit her 3- and 5-point questions to avoid the technical knockout. Unfortunately, despite the fact that The Switchblade was able to hit her 2-point question, she was unable to hit her 3-pointer, even after challenging her initial question and being administered a second attempt to stay alive. At that point, Silvestrini was mathematically eliminated, giving S.W.A.G. the massive 4 PTS off the 17-11 TKO victory for Miller.

“[I’m] Feeling great,” Miller said about her performance after the match. “Again, it was a pleasure playing with Rachel. I thought she was great. I really lucked into that Spinner’s Choice and the fact that SNL is a relatively new category is always a help. And, Winston was a great coach as always, and yeah, it was a fun match.”


“Lightning” Liz Shannon Miller advances to take on the potential player of the year, Teams Champion Chance “The Cobra” Ellison following the win. Marshall had full confidence that she can pull off the upset.

“Have you ever seen what happens to a toad that gets struck by lightning?” Marshall quipped. “The same thing that happens to a snake and everything else.”


TeamScoreTKOFaction Points EarnedOutcome
Liz Shannon Miller1714Win
Rachel Silvestrini11Loss

Box Score

Player Points Scored Points Allowed Total Possible Points Possible Points Earned % Questions Correct Total Questions Accuracy Rate Steal Steal Attempt Steal Rate
Liz Shannon Miller1711190.89513140.929221.000
Rachel Silvestrini1117210.5249140.643000
Points Scored
Points Allowed
Total Possible Points
Possible Points Earned %
Questions Correct
Total Questions
Accuracy Rate
Steal Attempt
Steal Rate