Marc Andreyko vs Matt Atchity

15 - 14
Full Time


Date League Season
August 24, 2020 Singles Division 2020


Once one of the best players to never win a belt, Marc “The Android” Andreyko finally won a Teams Championship in 2019, but he’s never been able to get the job done in Singles. The closest he came was when he lost to William “The Beast” Bibbiani in 2018, leading to The Beast claiming Samm Levine’s vacated title. Now, he’s back in the Singles play, and he’s looking to finally get over the hump.

Andreyko (7-6) got hot early but struggled in Round Two as he narrowly edged out Matt “The Big Kahuna” Atchity (0-2) by a score of 15-14 to stay alive in this year’s Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament.

“Honestly, I didn’t want to say this to Dreyko beforehand, but we needed this,” manager Roxy Striar said after the match. “This was a one-hundred-percent ‘We have to win this in order to move forward’ because the Roxstars have had some crap rounds this year and, Dreyko, I always know that I can count on you to really bring it home when you have to, and you did here. Was this the cutest game I’ve ever seen? No, but honestly I feel really good going into round two of this tournament.”

She wasn’t kidding. Heading into this match, the Roxstars were in 8th place with a 4-6 record and a less-than-stellar 12 PTS. Striar had struggled to get production out of her top picks with the Odd Couple falling to Who’s the Boss and Jeff Sneider falling to Ethan Erwin earlier in the season. A strong tournament performance is key to turning things around for her faction, and that starts with Andreyko.

The Android got out to a strong start, ending Round One with a 9-5 lead after hitting all eight questions and the Bonus. He elected to spin first in Round Two, landing on Spinner’s Choice and going a rough 2/4 for only 3 PTS in the category of 80s Movies. Then, to make matters worse, he also gave up a 1-point steal to his opponent. Luckily, Atchity also struggled in this match. He went a similar 2/4 for 3 PTS in the category of Directors, and also gave up a 1-point steal resulting in a 13-9 lead for Andreyko heading into the final round.

The struggles continued to plague Atchity in Round Three, as he missed both his 2- and 3-pointers early. Fortunately, he was able to knock down his 5-point question to avoid the TKO, but The Android easily hit his 2-pointer to get the 15-14 win.

“I think this was mostly this was the first match that I have played in the digital age,” Andreyko said about his mid-game struggles. “So, just getting back into the scheme of things, I knew that this was gonna be a pretty tight match.”

As for his opponent, Atchity got hit with a lag spike in Round One that cost him the ability to use a JTE rule, and it haunted him the rest of the match.

“I was too worried about timing then,” Atchity said about his struggles after that point. “I got too worried about not having my gameplay right to then refocus on answers.”


The Android advances to the next round to take on Brendan “The Kid” Meyer following picking up 3 PTS for the Roxstars with the win.


TeamScoreFaction Points EarnedOutcome
Marc Andreyko153Win
Matt Atchity14Loss

Box Score

Player Points Scored Points Allowed Total Possible Points Possible Points Earned % Questions Correct Total Questions Accuracy Rate Steal Steal Attempt Steal Rate
Marc Andreyko1514210.71413160.813120.500
Matt Atchity1415290.4839170.529120.500
Points Scored
Points Allowed
Total Possible Points
Possible Points Earned %
Questions Correct
Total Questions
Accuracy Rate
Steal Attempt
Steal Rate