28 - 30
Full Time


Date League Season
December 12, 2020 Innergeekdom Division 2020


Prior to this match, only two players had ever defended the Innergeekdom title. Hector Navarro did it at the first Collision in 2017, and Jason Inman did it early in 2018. Now, Chandru “The Chosen” Dhandapani adds his name to this elite list following Schmoedown Spectacular V.

Dhandapani (6-2) trounces Chance “The Cobra” Ellison (4-2), missing just two questions to win 30-28 and become the first to defend the belt since 2018.

At no point did The Chosen have any respect for his opponent.

“I mean, he does register [on my radar] a little bit because I need to like -it’s a speed bump basically on my way,” Dhandapani said coming into the match. “So, I would have to drive over him. But other than that, I’m just a little bit disappointed that I don’t get to squash Mike [Kalinowski] in the same season, and like solidly etch my name in the Mount Rushmore of Innergeekdom. But, I’ll do it one step at a time. Like, I’ll might the tiny boss man before beating the mega boss of Mike next season.”

Dhandapani had control from the get-go despite a slow start from both competitors that saw the score set at 8-5 at the end of the first round. With the lead, The Chosen elected to spin first in Round Two, picking up 8 PTS off a 6/6 performance in the category of Heroes and Villains. This left a small opening for Ellison to attempt to shrink the deficit in the bottom of the second, but he was unable to capitalize on the opportunity. The Cobra only scored 7 PTS in Round Two after answering 4/5 questions correctly and relinquishing a 1-point steal to the champion to expand the gap to five heading into the betting round.

Fortunately, for Ellison, he was able to stop the bleeding in the next two rounds. The Cobra kept things even in Round Three as both competitors picked up 2 PTS in the category of The Wizarding World to set the score at 19-14. Then in the speed round, both competitors went 9/9 for 9 PTS to keep the gap at five heading into the final round.

Yet, with the game on the line, The Cobra wasn’t able to seal the deal. He started off on the right foot, answering his 2- and 3-point questions correctly to avoid the technical knockout. However, after Dhandapani easily knocked down his 2-pointer in the category of Marvel, a difficult 5-point question would prove to be too much for Ellison, handing the 30-28 win to The Chosen and S.W.A.G.

Manager Winston Marshall could not have been more proud of his competitor.

“I know Chandru’s attitude rubbed a lot of people the wrong way,” Marshall said following the match. “I know a lot of people are like ‘S.W.A.G., like I mean everybody is so positive and everything like that.’ But I need you to understand something. You may not like his attitude. Hell, some people don’t like the way I talk sometimes. But, understand something. This brother right here, that’s a bad mother-shut-your-mouth. And, I’m gonna tell you right now, we gon’ ride next year.”

Next season, The Chosen has his work cut out for him. He looks to become the first Innergeekdom champion to defend the belt twice but to do so, he will have to defend the title against another former champion, “Brown Dwarf Star” Mara Knopic who cashed in her title shot at the end of the match.

“I have seen all the matches,” Dhandapani said to Knopic. “Just like I said Chance was the future, you’re the past, and I’m the present baby. And what’s another word for present? I’m the gift that keeps on giving. So, I just want to let you know that you’ve been away for like two seasons now, watch these matches. Innergeekdom is not the same it’s been or were two years ago when you were playing. So, if you want to add another loss to your record, just like you lost to Mike [Kalinowski], be my guest. I’d be happy to earn another defense next season.”


TeamScoreFaction Points EarnedOutcome
Chance Ellison28Loss
Chandru Dhandapani305Win

Box Score

Player Points Scored Points Allowed Total Possible Points Possible Points Earned % Questions Correct Total Questions Accuracy Rate Steal Steal Attempt Steal Rate
Chance Ellison2830410.68321280.750000
Chandru Dhandapani3028340.88225270.926111.000
Points Scored
Points Allowed
Total Possible Points
Possible Points Earned %
Questions Correct
Total Questions
Accuracy Rate
Steal Attempt
Steal Rate